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Silk Scarf

Hand-woven, Handcrafted, Hand-dyed, Hand embroidered Scarf, Stoles and Shawls in pure and blended natural yarns such as Cotton, Khadi, Linen, Silk, Wool, using techniques such as Jacquard, Jamdani, Shibori, with & without surface ornamentations and embellishments from Kantha, Tribal embroidery to Appliqué, Zardozi and Chikankari.

Khadi is a term for handspun and hand-woven cloth made out of cotton which is handspun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha. Khadi is made by thousands of skilled artisans living in rural areas. It is cool, comfortable and truly environment friendly, suitable for all types of season.

Jamdani – also referred to as ‘Embroidery on the loom’, is a time-consuming and labor-intensive form of weaving because of the richness of its motifs, which are created directly on the Hand loom using the discontinuous weft technique.

The main peculiarity of JAMDANI work is the geometric design. The expert weavers do not need to draw the design on paper. They do it from their memory. The weavers develop an occupational identity and take great pride in their heritage; they enjoy social recognition and are highly respected for their skills.