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Jute Conference Bag

Environmentally friendly conference bags:

1) Bag size: 30x36x11 cm    Handle: 100×4 cm shoulder strap

2)Bag size:36x36x8 cm        Handle: 100×4 cm shoulder strap

3)Bag size:34x36x11cm      Handle: 100×4 cm shoulder strap

4)Bag size:40x28x11cm      Handle: 100×4 cm shoulder strap

Our Eco friendly Jute Conference Bags are perfect for Conferences, Seminars & office meetings. The important documents distributed during the meeting, can be safely kept in these conference bags. Some of their conference bags have separate compartments perfect for extra storage and secure valuable items.

Our Environment Friendly Jute Conference Bags can be silk screen printed (1~10 colors) or embroidered with logo and name to promote the business of any company. Our bags are perfect eco friendly conference giveaways. The jute can be dyed to any color to meet client’s actual need. These bags are designed, keeping in mind to hold all type of document like A4 size. They are strong enough to carry lots of other stuffs. As these bags are unique in design and workmanship, people can use them for long time. As there are laminations inside the bags, water cannot enter into the bags.