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Our most popular standard bags, which come in assorted fabric textures and colors, handle options and can be branded. Our bags are famous for their superb quality, if you have a special design or requirement, we can customize a bag just for you.

Our bags have a lovely, strong and structured design, with plush handles.

Jute Bags:

Jute is a natural rough fiber that is made from the stems of the Jute plant. The fiber is then used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth. As jute is a made from a natural fiber it is both biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Usability Chart: Excellent eco-credentials and Durability not recommended to print fine detail and relatively cost effective.

Juco Bags

Juco is blended material made up of 75% jute & 25% cotton. This gives the cloth a smoother finish than plain jute bags and the more durability than plain cotton. Juco is the best of both worlds making it increasingly popular.

Usability Chart: Very good eco-Credentials and printability and Durability and also cost is good.

Cotton Bags

Due to the fine weave and naturally off-white color cotton bags are perfect if you need to print fine detail on the bag. The material is washable and soft to the touch. All our cotton bags are 100% natural and are totally unbleached.

Usability Chart: Good Eco-Credentials, Excellent printability and very cost effective, Not as durable as Jute or Juco.

Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are made from heavy weight 10oz cotton making it perfect for handling heavier loads.

Usability Chart: Usability Chart: Very good eco-Credentials and printability and Durability and also cost is good.

Plastic Linings:

Most of our bags are lined with our exclusive biodegradable PP/LDPE. This improves the appearance, hygiene, performance and longevity of the bag. We also supply unlined jute bags which are stiffened with a REACH compliant, food safe additive.

Cotton bags are not lined.

Price list:

We don’t have one. We are manufacturers and the infinite variations of style, material, print, dye and so on make this impossible. We are happy to give a prompt quote based on your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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